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Putting Brand Image into Action

9 Feb

After development of brand image, putting it into practice is least glamorous yet most important part of ensuring a brand’s success. Effective communication, effective quality control and maintenance is the vital parts of ensuring that. The brand should be communicated in such a way that consumers have expectations with that, and for that all levels of organization should be a part of the brand image development. By involving staff it is not important that they have experience or knowledge of the market but they eventually implement the branding strategy.

For this reason, employees must convince that this brand is theirs, they must personally feel responsible for ensuring that the brand lives up to the expectations, when employees have personal interest then it will be more successful. Employees’ commitment to a brand is crucial because without commitment, even the best envisage branding strategy doomed to failure. Brand Development , Marketing Consulting Firms !!! 360 Creative Inc. the art of marketing & the science of creativity


Components of Successful Brand

31 Jan

There are lots of factors which determine that a brand is successful, one of the most important once is a Brands separate power. The brand must have a “something different” as far as consumers are concerned. This point of difference can be:

  1. Recognizable (people can recognize it)
  2. Attractive (in terms of quality and value)
  3. Trustworthy (must be reliable)
  4. Correctly communicated (to whom it will target and message formulation)

In today’s extremely competitive global market it is very difficult you to differentiate your product because there are lots of parallels and frequently the same goods and services, if a brand cannot differentiate its self and the goods and services are also the same then it is futile and thereby worthless as well. Inversely, the bond between consumer and owner will be stronger when the differentiation of the power of a brand, the greater its effectiveness. For developing powerful brand you should adopt an effective way to promote it, develop its reputation and thereby attract and maintain consumer loyalty, the crucial motive for justifying the investment of the time, money and efforts in such a way that you can say that you have a successful brand. Brand Development , Marketing Consulting Firms !!! 360 Creative Inc. the art of marketing & the science of creativity